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Google is on the Warpath Again!

From April 21st, if your website is NOT mobile friendly, then they will banish your site to the outer reaches of their mobile search engines.

Did you even know that they had a separate set of search engine results on a mobile device?

Yup! They do.

Many people are not aware of just how many people now use Google on their mobile devices instead of their desktop PC.


A large %age of businesses do NOT have a mobile friendly version of their website. From 21st April, this will cause a huge problem.

Let us check your websites mobile friendliness for you for FREE. Simply click HERE and email us your website address and we will email you back with the result.

Google has actually been completely open (for the first time ever!) about just how big an impact these changes will have on websites. Don’t wait until its too late, why not get your mobile version of your website?

We are offering a Mobile version of your website, hosted for FREE, for just $39 per month instead of the normal $79 per month. You can also make unlimited changes to your website for FREE

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Don’t lose your mobile search engine rankings – Act Today!

What we do is create a mobile version of your website which is mobile friendly and Google loves, which is attached to your actual website and whenever someone comes to your website using a handheld device (tablet, ipad,smartphone), it jumps in and shows them the mobile version. Awesome isn’t it?!

Here is an example of what the difference looks like…





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