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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

mobile friendly websiteApril 2015 is fast approaching and Google are on the warpath yet again!

Do you remember the search engine ranking changes that happened over the last couple of years or so called Panda and Penguin? They obliterated hundreds of thousands of websites overnight just purely because Google decided that they did not give the user enough of an experience! They played God essentially.

Unfortunately, for the foreseeable future, Google is our main source of free website visitors. so we have to conform to their wishes or risk having our websites disappear without a trace in their search engine results. I can personally vouch for this as I lost 2 money making websites 2 years ago and I have never been able to get them back to anywhere near the top couple of pages of results! It is not a nice feeling I can tell you.

So, this time around, at least Big G are actually giving us fair warning of the impending damage and havoc that their changes are about to make.

This change, which Google have stated will be more destructive than either Panda or Penguin, is all around mobile friendly websites. Basically, if your website does not show up in a user-friendly fashion on mobiles and tablets etc Google will NOT give it as much credence in its mobile search engine rankings. In laymans terms, your website will get knocked down the search results, maybe even disappear! Now, with mobile searches far outweighing those made on a desktop pc, this should be cause for concern!


Is your website mobile friendly?

Many business owners are probably thinking ” I have no idea!”

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