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The reason you are here is because you have not yet claimed or built correctly, the page that Google has offered up to you – the Google My Business page. 

These are the entries in Googles search results that sit at the top of Googles pages when people search for local businesses like yours.

google_my_business_imageYou may not realise it but 80% of businesses have NOT yet claimed their Google My Business page. And many that have claimed them, have not completed them in a way that makes them show up effectively in the Google search results. Did you know that over 30% of people who search on Google for a local business, actually make contact with that business shortly afterwards?

You have been invited to this page because you are one of those businesses that either has not claimed your page or has not completed it correctly and are therefore missing out on a ton of prospective new customers who are finding your competitors instead!

Because Google puts so much emphasis on these entries, it is imperative that your business not only claims your page, but also optimises it effectively so that your competition does not leapfrog your entry and get more customers than you are getting.

So, are you ready to get your listing up and cooking? Bringing you more customers to your door?

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