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Critical Website Mistakes Part 1

Critical Website Mistakes That Local Businesses Make

135While online marketing presents some extremely great opportunities for small businesses today, many of them have yet to reap the rewards.

Consumers today spend a lot of time online, so the internet is an extremely powerful way to get in front of your local target market and generate more leads, sales, and profits.
However, some companies are going about the whole process the wrong way. Whether they are attempting to handle all of their online marketing themselves, or not really engaging in it at all, there are some critical mistakes that should be avoided.
In this report, we will discuss some of the most popular online marketing mistakes that business owners today are making. Not only are these mistakes completely avoidable, but some of them could actually be detrimental to the success of your local business.

Mistake #1:  Not Keeping Your Existing Customers Coming Back

Did you know that, generally speaking, 80% of business comes from “existing” customers while 20% comes from “new” customers?

Failing to market to your existing customers could have an extremely negative impact on your profits; while you wonder why you’re struggling to meet your goals.
Generating repeat sales is so much easier than bringing brand new customers through the door. However, many businesses still ignore this fact and spend all of their time, money and efforts going after brand new business.
While actively seeking new business is definitely a good thing, ignoring your existing customers is the worst costly mistake you could make.

Several online marketing methods work very well for generating repeat business, such as social media, email marketing, text message marketing, video marketing, local search engine optimization, and others.

These tools help you stay in front of your existing customers, as well as build long-lasting, trusting relationships with them; this ultimately means more repeat sales and an increased ROI. However, many companies fail to utilize them.

In order to truly stay connected with their customers, businesses should seriously implement some of these powerful online strategies into their marketing funnels. Check out how you can take advantage of our 2016 Email Marketing strategies HERE

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